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Can anyone join Sample Library?

Sample Library is exclusively for design professionals and specifiers who are working on projects in the UK.

Do I have to pay for samples?

All of the samples offered by our supply partners are complimentary.

How long will it take for samples to arrive?

Our supply partners will aim to get samples sent out to you within 48 hrs.

How many samples can I order at a time?

You can order as many samples as you wish however some suppliers might have a limit as to how many complimentary samples you can request from them at any one time.

What happens if I want to request a bespoke sample?

We have a number of suppliers and artisans who offer bespoke services and designs. You can find them within the bespoke category section and here you can request a free consultation. This request will get sent to the supplier who in turn will call you to discuss your project requirements.

Do I have to pay to use Sample Library?

Sample Library is free to use for our verified design professionals.