Tielle Love Luxury by Tradelinens

Tielle by Tradelinens is a luxury bed linen company who have been providing guests at top hotels around the world with a great night’s sleep for more years than we care to remember.

Our portfolio of iconic 5* clients span the world. Our reputation in the industry has meant that we’ve been recommended and introduced to international hotels that put their guests’ experience top of their agenda.

Top hotels, whatever their sizes, differentiate themselves from ‘run of the mill’ with touches of luxury that get guests talking. We have been tried, tested and trusted for over 30 years. From general managers to Housekeepers to interior designers, our help and advice is often sought to help solve problems and turn things from average to awesome.

We’ve effectively got 5000+ showrooms in London’s finest hotels and as guest experience is so important now, the smart hotels are upgrading where possible to reflect this.

We ensure commercial sensibility, balancing luxury and longevity. We’ll be able to advise you on the best quality products without necessarily breaking the bank. We understand project cost models and try to help optimise these without compromising on quality.

There’s not much we can’t get hold of and this means that if you want something ‘unique’ in your property, we’ll almost certainly be able to source it. Luxury is about detail – we know how to do detail!