We offer a range of luxurious natural fabrics for interiors with focus on quality. Our Ethos is to encourage the use of natural fibres that are animal cruelty free and environmentally friendly. Conscious of the emotive connection between environment and wellbeing, Furtado’s personal mission is to raise environmental standards across the interior design industry by reducing the impact of synthetic materials. As specialist providers of natural fabric composition, we can often provide alternatives to common synthetic choices, which are non-biodegradable.

In response to an ever growing demand for sustainability and the need to promote ethically sourced fabrics, Furtado is committed to supply only high quality natural fabric choices for the interior design industry, ensuring that we can work together to protect our shared environment. We are committed to mills that produce natural composition fabrics of the finest quality in Europe. Each stage of production is supervised by experts, using processes with natural fibres that are not only elegant but suitable for a wide array of projects both contemporary and traditional.