Freya Roze World

Freya Roze Richmond, Founder and Designer of F.ROZE, has always had art, creativity and design at the centre of her life. She has immersed herself in the world of textile design through school, university and in her blossoming career.

F.ROZE, a brand that brings you beautifully bold and bespoke, unique screen and digital print design to your home. F.ROZE wants to take the world of interiors up a notch and inject some life and colour into your day to day lives. Freya Roze feels there is a notable opportunity for modern, sleek and effortless furnishings to have touches of her brave and bold designs injected into them. She wants her designs to give rooms the finesse she feels they often need, finding something perfectly harmonious about simplicity meeting a splash of stylish outlandishness.