Faux Creation

As specialists in artisanal finishes, you’ll find that Faux Creation are able to deliver on your thoughts, designs and aspirations.

Extending to everything from beautiful Italian plaster finishes to painted applications and fine wall coverings of paper, silk, leather and other secret ingredients designed to present a building at it’s best. Our master craftspeople bring a designers vision to life, deliver on what’s in your mind’s eye and all using an innovative approach to timeless techniques.

Although just a sample, you’re sure to be able to appreciate what’s possible when creativity really flows. By using only the finest materials and tools, we are able to ensure you will be delighted with the finish you choose.

Having applied lustrous, delicate and subtle finishes to all manner of architecture, from Mayfair restaurants and Super-yachts berthed in the Mediterranean - to country houses and city centre apartments, you can be positive that whatever property you want to transform or restore between us, we’ll find the perfect match.

The only limitation is your imagination.