Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

We make sure our business does not cost the earth by making our paint from sustainable, plant-based and environmentally conscious ingredients.


We make our paints using high-calibre, naturally occurring raw materials of plant origin combined with earth and mineral pigments. Unfortunately, there is a lot of greenwashing in the paint industry as brands claim they are ‘eco-friendly’ whilst still including harmful chemicals, microbeads, acrylic dyes to name a few, in their products. We have found plant-based substitutes to toxic, plastic and chemical based products that are included in every other tin of paint on the market. We pride ourselves by being honestly colourful so take a look at our full list of ingredients on our website to find out what goes into our tins and why.


Our founder, Edward, is a renowned interior designer and architectural historian with an in-depth knowledge of colour. We make beautiful colours because we are colour experts and we use the best natural earth pigments to produce a wide selection of colours. Our paints have unrivalled coverage, a non-toxic odour and create beautiful finishes. We believe that in the same way we nourish our bodies with healthy food, now is the time to nourish our homes with healthy natural paint!


We love talking and connecting with our customers and paint community. We are always available to discuss colour, finish and application over the phone, zoom or email and we are currently creating a live chat service for our website. After all, we are the experts, so why wouldn’t we offer expert advice to anyone who needs it!