Charlotte Jade

At Charlotte Jade, we believe in bringing the beauty of the outside in by creating hand drawn, interior patterns inspired by nature, blurring the lines between interior spaces and the outside world.

These hand drawn design are then transformed in wallpapers, textiles, soft furnishings, ceramic tiles and other interiors, homewares and accessories.

Charlotte’s creative flair and impeccable attention to detail underpin all her work as she produces exceptionally beautiful print collections which are the trademark of Charlotte Jade. 

Trend setters in the world of luxury design, Charlotte Jade’s print designs, which are created and printed here in the UK, are used for a range of creative projects.

Our clients range from key brands, high profile interior designers, hotel chains to private clients and Charlotte Jade’s unique patterns can be tailored to compliment individual luxury design projects.

The Charlotte Jade collection is a beautiful celebration of our world’s animals, plants and flowers, bringing a touch of nature into any interior space. The combination of hand-crafted drawings, unique patterns and vibrant colours, create the distinctive Charlotte Jade style, which will bring any commercial or residential space to life...

Let’s bring the outside in!