Arturo (Uzin Utz UK)

Combining performance and design, Arturo produce a range of resin flooring that are seamless, easy to clean yet extremely durable. Their range of floors are ideal for residential or commercial sectors with an abundance of design options, from stunning solid colours, 'concrete look' effect to decorative flakes, not only are Arturo floors compatible with underfloor heating and acoustic insulation they also provide excellent comfort and warmth underfoot.


The environment is at the centre of Arturo’s philosophy and their resin floors are ideal for those conscientious about sustainability. Their products are suitable for sustainable buildings certification such as BREEAM and all products are solvent-free and low in emissions.

Arturo is a brand of Uzin Utz, a leading manufacturer of flooring installation materials, machines and tools. With brands such as UZIN, WOLFF, PALLMANN, Arturo, Codex, Pajarito, the business encompasses anything and everything to do with the installation, renovation and maintenance of all types of floor coverings, wood flooring, ceramic tiles and natural stone floors as well as resin floors.

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