Artist and designer, Claire Williams launched AIRE with the goal of making exquisite hand designed, luxury wallpaper that evoked emotions of escapism through beauty and opulence but without elitism and ostentatious connotations.

Located in the beautiful rolling hills of Lancashire, AIRE takes its inspiration from the rich textile and printing history of the surrounding mill towns.

Mixing the classic elegance of timeless design with modern printing and production techniques, AIRE is at the vanguard of a new wave of innovative and creative wall-coverings and print-wares, which create a delicate discussion of nostalgic modernity in interiors.

A principle of AIRE is the focus on 'luxury' as a transfer of the passion of craftsmanship into an experience and atmosphere. We pride ourselves on creating a product that allows an interior to convey a warm and welcoming ambience and an exciting visual encounter.

Combining tradition and modernity with a resolutely forward design sensibility, whilst always striving to innovate, results in modern classics that eschew short-lived trends.

With time-honoured hand drawing methods, luxuriant materials and colourful, innovative print practices; AIRE conjures up delicate wallpaper designs suitable for both traditional and modern environments.

Initially hand drawn using traditional drawing methods, the delicate watercolour floral designs are evocative of the British countryside and a bygone era of style and beauty. Designed to look faded and dream like with floral elements morphing into one another, rather than precise definitive marks, curated colours are independently strong but sit perfectly in unison.

Produced by layering onto substrates of pearlescent, metallic and foil papers, the finished product is then deftly formed to create an artful wall covering that is completely timeless and yet thoroughly modern.

Whether hung in a heritage home or a contemporary workspace, these sophisticated wallpapers transcend time and place to generate a warm, welcoming and peaceful atmosphere. Thanks to their eternal exquisiteness, the wallpapers bring a touch of glamour to any room and bestow a feeling of calm tranquillity.

Complementing the wall-coverings, AIRE has collaborated with various artisans to bring further products to market. Lampshades, upholstery fabric and metal furniture inserts have added diversity to the forward thinking brand.

With foundations firmly built in the historic Lancashire landscape, AIRE is a homegrown, British brand rooted in time and place. Drawing its creativity from this, AIRE is also committed to working solely with other British businesses at all stages of the journey, from production to distribution.